Functional Biomechanics Laboratory | Department of Mechanical Engineering | College of Engineering and Computational Sciences | Colorado School of Mines

What are the effects of clinical interventions on walking mechanics?

We are working with clinical partners to optimize treatment to improve mobility in people with Parkinson's disease.

How can movement strategies contribute to long-term secondary conditions?

We've estimated low back loads during walking in people with a lower-limb amputation to investigate their high prevalence of low back pain. We are expanding this approach to evaluate prosthetic prescription and fit.

How can we use computer models to improve physical therapy?

We use musculoskeletal modeling to determine the force and function from individual muscles. We analyze these results to assess the efficacy of physical therapy protocols and guide future treatments.

How do people with amputations adapt to walking on slopes?

We analyzed dynamic balance when using powered and passive prostheses. We are continuing these efforts to improve performance of novel prosthetic devices.