We investigate whole-body biomechanics with experimental and computational approaches. We use gait analysis techniques including motion capture, ground reaction force measurement and electromyography to quantify walking mechanics. We combine these efforts with detailed musculoskeletal models to generate movement simulations. Through these methods, we can determine the biomechanical effects of physical therapy, surgical and device interventions. We use this information to optimize interventions for individual patients.


The FBL is in Brown Hall at the Colorado School of Mines. We use:

  • 7-camera Qualisys Oqus 300+ Motion Capture System, 1.3MP, 500Hz frame rate at full resolution
  • 4 AMTI OR6-7 Force Plates
  • 16-channel Delsys Trigno wireless surface electromyography system including tri-axial accelerometers and two foot switch sensors