MEGN 315 · Dynamics

Course Content · This course covers particle kinematics, 2-D motion in x-y coordinates, n-t coordinates, polar coordinates, relative velocities, relative accelerations, rotating reference frames, rigid body kinematics, rigid body kinetics, work and energy, linear impulse-momentum, angular momentum, introduction to 3-D rigid body dynamics, introduction to vibration theory.

Prerequisites · CEEN 241 and MATH 225

MEGN 435/535 · Modeling and Simulation of Human Movement

Course Content · This course includes investigation of musculoskeletal properties to construct detailed computer models and simulations of human movement. This course is generally offered in spring semesters.

Prerequisites · MEGN 315 and MEGN 330, or consent of the instructor

MEGN 532 · Experimental Methods in Biomechanics

Course Content · This course is intended to provide an introduction to experimental methods in biomechanical research. Topics include motion capture, ground reaction force data collection, electromyography, inverse dynamics calculations and hypothesis testing. The course culminates in individual class projects combining several experimental measurement techniques. This course is generally offered in fall semesters.

Prerequisites · Graduate student standing

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