What are the effects of surgical interventions on walking mechanics?

subject walking with sensors onWe are working with clinical partners around the globe to guide treatment to improve long-term mobility after orthopaedic surgery.

How can we individualize physical therapy to improve balance performance?

balance training modelWe are investigating how different forms of feedback change engagement and learning in physical therapy. Mobile sensors are critical for quantifying movement in the clinic and at home.

How do movement strategies and prosthetic device properties contribute to long-term secondary conditions?

We have estimated joint contact forces during running in people with a lower-limb amputation using functionally different prostheses. These results inform device design and prescription.

running schematic

How can musculoskeletal models help us quantify injury risk?

We have analyzed low back loading in military service members while carrying heavy backpack loads. We are continuing these efforts to guide military gear and training recommendations to mitigate injury risk.

backpack loading schematic